Researchers Find Affordable Way to Test for Cancer, Malaria

Chemists at The Ohio State University have come up with a revolutionary way for individuals to test whether or not they have cancer or malaria. Although still in the developmental stage, researchers are making it possible for individuals to test for these fatal diseases as if they were taking an at-home pregnancy test. Best of all, the test could cost just 50 cents!

                Users need to apply a single drop of blood onto the strip and the strip gets sent to a laboratory. If the test returns a positive result, then the user must visit a doctor.

                Ideally, those working on this fascinating project want to send the strips to the deep regions of Africa and Southeast Asia. Since results were found to be valid up to one month after the test is administered, this could be a vital for people to get medical answers.

                This new way of learning about disease is also beneficial. Since individuals can administer the test themselves, they won’t need to use up a doctor’s time on preliminary testing. Thus, they only need to go to the doctor if they have the disease.

                As stated earlier, these strips are still in their infant stage. With luck, they may be available in about two years’ time. We will certainly keep our eyes out for this potentially revolutionary medical discovery.