Netflix Strikes Deal with The CW

Netflix continues to show their ability to adapt and improve their impressive product. One of the biggest knocks on the streaming giant is that users must wait months and sometimes longer for new shows to appear on its platform, whereas rivals like Hulu give users new TV shows the day after they air. A deal Netflix struck with the network The CW is showing that they are interested in closing that gap, however.

                On Wednesday, Netflix announced that The CW shows will be available to stream just eight days after the season finale airs on CW. For Netflix users, this is a big win. While they still must wait for the entire series to air before begin able to view it, this shows Netflix is interesting committing to a new model of obtaining content.

                Critically successful shows airing on The CW currently include Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Jane the Virgin and a growing roster of superhero shows like Arrow. While the CW may not be the biggest network, if Netflix can strike a deal like this with AMC, FX or other networks with impressive lineups, the appeal to subscribe to Netflix will get even stronger.