Nancy Grace Finally Leaving TV

One of cable TV’s most annoying talking heads is leaving her current position for brighter, more digital pastures. Nancy Grace, former prosecutor and host of her own show on HLN for the past 12years, has decided to leave the network when her current contract expires this October.

                Grace is best known for stirring up controversy as she fear-mongered her way to a primetime television slot. She riled her audience up and took advantage of various family tragedies to warn her watchers that danger is around every corner. She is known for persecuting the Duke Lacrosse team long before any judge did (and they were found not guilty of all charges). She led a woman to kill herself after she brought her on her show to scream at her for losing her 2-year-old child, and she conducted various witch hunts that turned the court of public approval on individuals before the facts were ever concluded.

                Ruining a person’s life for ratings was what Grace did best. Her departing television benefits everyone. It’s unclear where exactly her career will go from here. We can only hope she will go into a corner somewhere and stay out of the public eye. She’s essentially a walking, talking, ignorant Facebook post and the world will be a better place without her show.