Apple May Purchase Tidal

Mega-corporation Apple is in talks to purchase Tidal music, rapper Jay-Z’s highly publicized foray into the music streaming business. Apple Music is a platform that has gained traction recently. The purchase of one of its major competitors would make a lot of sense. With Tidal’s exclusive ties to artists like Kanye West, Madonna, and Prince. Apple Music could potentially gain access to Tidal’s biggest selling point: exclusive releases.

                In March of 2015, Jay-Z purchased the rights to Tidal for $65 million. After the purchase, he and some of the industry’s biggest names campaigned for Tidal as a streaming service that pays the artist the fees they deserve, unlike other streaming services like Spotify.

                Although the deal is still only in the talking stages, if it were to go through, it would change the nature of music streaming. At this point, Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal each have a feature or features that make it different from its competitors. Spotify has the strongest interface and offers the users the best experience. Tidal offers users early access to certain exclusive releases, and Apple Music works in sync with iPhones and makes sense for all iPhone users. If Apple Music purchases Tidal, it will become the must-have music streaming app. As of now, no deal is done. We will have to watch this news closely to see what transpires.